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shilowa: don't bully us

By unknown | Dec 11, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Mckeed Kotlolo and Sipho Masombuka

Mckeed Kotlolo and Sipho Masombuka

The Pretoria high court has reserved judgment in the case in which the ANC is seeking to stop its rebels from using the name Congress of the People (Cope).

Judge President Bernard Ngoepe said there were important issues to look into and that both parties would be notified of his judgment as soon as he was ready to deliver it.

The ANC is demanding that the rebels stop using the name Cope, withdraw the trademark applications that have been made and cease from registering their section 21 company under that name.

Phillip Ginsburg (SC), for the ANC, described Cope as seeking to use a political event, the 1955 Congress of the People, which gave birth to the Freedom Charter, to get a jump-start and confuse the electorate before the next elections.

Ginsburg submitted that the ANC had promoted and celebrated the "Congress of the People" and the adoption of the Freedom Charter both locally and internationally.

He described the new party as "a Johnny come lately" because they were not part of the historic political event.

Former Gauteng premier and now co-leader of Cope, Mbazima Shilowa, told reporters outside the court that Cope wouldn't be bullied by the ANC.

He said when people want to bully someone they always think they can "use the courts".


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