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SA's shocking rape and HIV-Aids statistics

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Below are the statistics on violence against children and women.

Below are the statistics on violence against children and women.


l One in two women have a chance of being raped in their lifetime;

l A woman is raped every 26 seconds in South Africa;

l More than 40percent of perpetrators are known to the rape survivor;

l Less than 2percent of reported rapes are false;

l Most rapes occur within the rapists' community;

l One in four women are in an abusive relationship;

l A woman is killed every six days by her intimate male partner;

l Women are more likely to be attacked by someone they know than by a total stranger.


l A child is abused every 8 minutes in South Africa;

l A child is raped every 24 minutes in South Africa;

l A child is assaulted every 14 minutes;

l More than 80percent of perpetrators are known to the child in South Africa;

l One in four girls and one in five boys under 16 years have been sexually abused;

l Half of 26000 Joburg high school students interviewed believe that forced sex is not sexual violence;

l In one SA township - all girls under 16 had had sexual intercourse. A quarter said their first experience was rape or forced sex;

l The rape graph rises sharply from 3 to 25 year old girls and peaks at girls aged 8 to 11 years.


l A Joburg survey revealed that one in four men had raped a woman;

l Eighty-five percent of rapists were armed (usually with a knife);

l Eighty-five percent of rapes are gang rapes. A woman is more likely to be raped by 3 to 30 men than a single rapist;

l For every 400 rapes reported last year, 17 became official cases, one perpetrator was convicted and for every perpetrator convicted, one case docket was lost or sold.

l In 1998 just under 7percent of reported rapes were prosecuted.


l Forty percent of young men aged 20-29 (most common age of rapists) are infected with HIV-Aids;

l The incidence of HIV is highest in girls aged 15 to 25 years;

l There are 1700 new cases of HIV infection daily;

l Last year 20percent of girls aged 13 to 19 were infected with HIV (six times more than boys);

l (Powa can be reached on 011-642-4345/6).


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