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Choose a sunscreen that works

By unknown | Dec 11, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Jennifer Su, television and radio presenter and singer, tested soothing sprays for sunburn.

Jennifer Su, television and radio presenter and singer, tested soothing sprays for sunburn.

Su is a news anchor for Summit TV Financial News, a news anchor for Sky News' The African Business Report. S he presents The Hollywood Report on 5FM.

Su is also MC for a myriad of companies, writes songs and has produced four albums, plays classical piano and takes great pleasure in collecting hats. No wonder they call her The Mad Hatter.

With everything that Su has going on under her hat it's surprising that she has time to relax in the sun.

Nevertheless, we took her to the Park Hyatt Hotel pool in Johannesburg to tell us which after-sun cream worked best for her.

Nivea is a brand she uses often.

"I have this one at home," Su says. "It smells great and is really easy to apply. I would definitely buy this brand again."

The next one she tests is Tropitone After Sun spray.

"The smell is terrible. It definitely doesn't appeal to me. It's really chemical. It applies rather nicely but has an off-putting toilet spray fragrance," Su says.

Next she samples Everysun...

"Everysun applies really well and is moisturising but it's too oily," she decides. "I think it would get incredibly greasy in hot climates, which certainly wouldn't be ideal.

"I want my after-sun cream to be refreshing and not greasy."

Su tries out the IQ "crackle" after-sun cream and says she does not like it

"I hate how it applies. I suppose that it has a novelty effect but it really doesn't work for me."

She thinks it has an amazing smell but the strange way it comes out of the container puts her off.

The Clicks brand of after-sun cream was the worst as far as Su was concerned.

"This spray has terrible application," she says. "It drips out of the container rather than spraying out.

"It goes all over the place and makes a huge mess and it doesn't smell very good either.

"The pump doesn't work properly. It's a very bad design and the spray certainly does not make the skin feel nicely moisturised.

"I prefer creams to sprays. They're more moisturising and cool off the skin better."

Yet, better - as Kurt Vonnegut the American novelist insisted - to "always wear sunscreen", and never get burnt. - Andrea Nagel


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