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Protect your kid's fragile genius

By unknown | Dec 09, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Every child is born a genius - but sadly 9999 out of every 10000 children are swiftly and inadvertently "de-geniused" by grown-ups.

Every child is born a genius - but sadly 9999 out of every 10000 children are swiftly and inadvertently "de-geniused" by grown-ups.

This assertion comes from R Buckminster Fuller, an American architect, author, designer, futurist, inventor and visionary.

He was also a former president of Mensa, an international organisation for people with high IQs - the brainy individuals commonly referred to as geniuses.

How many of us can remember a passion we had as a child that was unknowingly suppressed by our parents, grandparents, a teacher or adult acquaintance.

Think about this story: A young man recalls when, as a boy, he told his mom he wanted to grow up and become a scientist. His mother laughed. Looking back, he now knows she didn't laugh to be cruel.

Maybe she was preoccupied with her busy, stressful day. Or perhaps she found something humorous in the way he said it.

Whatever the reason, as an adult he remembers this moment very clearly and knows that on that day his passion for science and exploration was destroyed. He never spoke of his dream again.

Today this young man secretly follows the lives and achievements of famous scientists and explorers. He can recite the milestones of their careers with enthusiasm but does not have the same enthusiasm for his own career as a respected accountant.

He feels his life has no meaning. What happened to his boyhood dream? While his mother loved him and protected him from physical harm, she unintentionally blocked his burgeoning passion.

As a child his genius was fragile, just as every child's genius is fragile. Genius is the whisper of an inner promise of incredible potential. It includes distinctive gifts and talents that need to be discovered, nurtured and protected.

Unfortunately, in almost every aspect of our children's lives that hidden whisper or spark of genius is at risk - at school, at home and in our society at large.

Adults who think differently, act with passion and conviction and risk takers are generally respected by our society.

For centuries we have admired the boldest thinkers, inventors, innovators, artists, writers, and pioneers of our world.

Why is it, then, that many of our current educational systems have settled for a one-size-fits-all approach that educates children to learn the same information at the same time regardless of their individual learning styles, intelligences, developmental timetable and interests?

Why do they convince children that seeing the world differently is weird and might subject them to ridicule?

Who will become the innovators, artists and creators of tomorrow? Who are the lucky few who will somehow survive their childhood with their genius intact?

A wondrous and unique human being that has never walked this earth before has been entrusted to you.

How do you plan to encourage this child to fulfill his or her amazing potentials?

How will you ensure a life-long love for learning as you provide a sound foundation for his or her future success and happiness?

You must protect your child's special gifts and talents. You must protect your child's special genius. If you don't, who will? - Home School


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