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Wife tracks 'cheating' Seputla

By unknown | Dec 05, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Cecil Motsepe

Cecil Motsepe

When Generations lead actor and musician Seputla Sebogodi failed to turn up at home his fuming wife Shereen Maubane enlisted the services of a car tracking company to tail him.

The actor, who plays Kenneth Mashaba in the daily SABC1's soapie, was traced to a house in Soshanguve outside Pretoria.

A source said his new wife suspected that he could be out with another woman.

"When he left the house I was not home," Maubane said. "I did not see the note he had left for me in the kitchen. I panicked because his cellphone was switched off. I had to order a search for him because I did not want to take any chances.

"I was afraid that his family would blame me if something went wrong with him."

When the tracking company arrived they ordered the talented actor not to move until his wife showed up.

"The tracking company people would not release him until my arrival," she said. "They wanted me to be satisfied that the car was not being driven by someone other than my husband."

She confirmed that they had had a tiff a few days earlier but declined to shed more details.

"Just like any other couple we had a fight but it was nothing unsolvable," she said.

A source said the marriage started taking some strain because Sebogodi spent too much time in the studio since he was under pressure to finalise his coming gospel album.

Sebogodi confirmed the incident saying he had gone out to visit a friend.

Last night Maubane, who is a communications manager at the SABC's Pretoria office, was expected to join Sebogodi at the launch of his album in Newtown, Johannesburg.


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