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Beware of credit card criminals

By unknown | Dec 04, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Guard yourself against falling prey to criminals this festive season.

Guard yourself against falling prey to criminals this festive season.

The most common type of credit card fraud in South Africa is the use of stolen or lost cards.

So it is important to contact your bank the minute you realise that your card has been lost or stolen.

Counterfeit credit cards are also on the increase. Fraudsters will try anything to get hold of your personal information. If they get access to your personal information they do not even need your credit card.

They will phone your bank and change your address. They will then report your current card lost and request that a new one be issued. The card will be sent to the new address or they will receive information on where to collect the new credit card.

They then make use of false identification to collect the card. Your statements will be sent to the new address and you will be unaware of the fraud that is taking place on your credit card. Your credit card account has now been taken over by a criminal.

That's why it is important to contact your bank if you do not receive your statements on time.

It is also important never to give out your details over the phone to someone who claims to be calling from the bank. Rather go to your bank and ensure that it is really the bank that wants your details.

It is also important not to neglect ATM fraud. It has been around for years and people still fall for it.

Never reveal your PIN code to anyone. Never let anyone distract or assist you when you are using the ATM and always ensure that the card in your possession is in fact your card before and after every transaction.

Always withdraw money from ATM's in safe areas or go to those machines inside banks because it is harder for criminals to access them.

If you are visiting an unfamiliar ATM machine that is not inside a bank, examine it carefully for devices. Card or cash-trapping devices need to be glued or taped to the card reader or cash dispenser.


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