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'We were sold rotten food at chicken shop'

By unknown | Nov 25, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Sibongile Mashaba

Sibongile Mashaba

A group of friends who normally get together around their favourite fried chicken have cried "fowl" after their choice meal went foul in the mouth.

It was during their lunch break that the four bank officials from Fairlands, Johannesburg, tucked heartily into their Chicken Licken' Soul to Soul meals and three extra pieces at a cost of R61,35.

Their chattering slowly became mumbles of disapproval when they realised that the chicken they were eating had actually gone bad.

"We were hungry and had waited for our meal to arrive with another friend, George Said, who had bought it in Randburg," said Malebo Mfingwane.

"I realised too late that the chicken was rotten."

The women said they discovered the meat was discoloured and not the famous golden brown.

They called Said so they could take it back.

"We first called the manager who refused to give us her name," Mfingwane said. "She told us we would get a cash refund or another meal,"

Lerato Mafora said: "The manager had already left but had left a message with staff to either give us our money back or another meal."

But that did not happen.

"Instead we were given the franchise owner's phone numbers. He was rude and refused to listen to us," Mafora said.

She said a group of security guards, called in to remove them, told the staff that "a customer is always right" and left.

"They called another group who threatened to throw us out," Mashige said. "We left for fear of being manhandled."

Franchise owner Tahir Mitha said: "The group came to the shop and complained about the meat. They were absolutely rude and vulgar.

"I offered to give them a refund and money for transport but they refused. They were there because they wanted to extort money and food and nothing else."


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