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Order restored at Sun City Prison after fiery protest over inmates’ TVs

Correctional Services said that “matters are under control” at Johannesburg’s Sun City Prison on Wed.

It's up to you to realise your dreams

By unknown | Nov 24, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I am a young black woman and proud to be a South African.

I am a young black woman and proud to be a South African.

I grew up in Kagiso. I didn't come from a great family and like many black children I know poverty and abuse.

Like many I attended a public school until I matriculated at SG Mafaesa High School.

I am 22 years old and I am studying for my Master's in Biotechnology in Japan. It's not easy. I had to learn the language and customs of the Japanese.

It is a big challenge but I have learnt to embrace every challenge I face and see it as an opportunity.

I am glad to say that I am not defined by my skin colour, my background or my gender. I am even more grateful to God for giving me the strength and courage to persist.

So why do you young black South Africans justify your failures by poverty? The phrases, "I do crime because I am poor" and "I don't have money to go to varsity after matric" are very common.

I didn't have money to go to varsity (UCT) but I did go. I didn't have the money to come to Japan but I am here.

I know of all the pain and struggles young black people go through for I have gone through them. But I vowed not to stop dreaming and my dreams were bigger than me.

My dreams inspired me to work hard and to never give up, even when the going got tough. It's when things seem the worst that you must not quit.

Anything is possible. I miss you South Africa.

Fiona Tshivhase, Japan


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