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Youth don't need Malema

By unknown | Nov 12, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I am a young South African who is about to complete my LLB.

I am a young South African who is about to complete my LLB.

I went to one of the voting stations to register as a first time voter. While waiting at the station, I contemplated the action I was taking.

I felt very proud of myself. I looked around me and saw youths in their numbers and I could not help but feel excited about the fact that more and more young people are taking their rightful place in this country.

I started appreciating that more young people have realised, or are beginning to realise, the importance of voting.

It also crossed my mind that we have the arrogant Julius Malema, the man who could not pass matric, as our "voice". I thought about what he represents and about how he has been portrayed in the media lately, for all the wrong reasons.

I saw it as unfit to vote, knowing that I have such a person representing me. But then I realised, not voting would allow him to remain my voice for longer.

I know I have a real responsibility. My vote will guarantee me an authentic voice.

As a young South African, I believe I speak on behalf of many young people who are fed-up with being represented by someone who does not have the best interests of the youth at heart and who fails to address serious issues that young people are facing.

I refuse to be represented by someone who is not my role model. I refuse to have someone with so little respect for elders to be my voice.

I look up to young people like Prince Mashele and hope to have someone like him as my voice of reason. I draw encouragement from the fact that he sees the importance of education. Mashele sees the importance of equipping himself with the necessary knowledge to face the storms ahead.

The youth of Mzansi can do without Julius Malema. We are far better off without him.

Tebogo Ralephata, Parktown


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