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The African National Congress is starting its “dispute resolution process” in a bid to address the a.

Charter does not belong to ANC alone

By unknown | Nov 07, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Though initiated by the once great ANC, the Freedom Charter is not ANC property.

Though initiated by the once great ANC, the Freedom Charter is not ANC property.

This unique document belongs to the people of South Africa. The people were actively involved in formulating their own vision of an alternative society.

When the Congress of the People met on June 25 and 26 1955 it comprised delegates from all over the country and across all race barriers.

The people, not the ANC alone, recorded the clauses that were incorporated into the charter.

What makes the document so unique is that it was not written by individuals. The leaders at the time asked the people to tell them what shape they wished to give the freedom that would eventually become a reality.

The People Shall Govern, said the people.

The ANC has failed dismally in upholding the principles and values enshrined in our beloved charter.

What disturbs me most is the silence of leaders such as Jackson Mthembu, Paul van Castle and many others who taught us this valued document called the Freedom Charter.

These people always told us that joining the ANC was never about material gain but now their silence leaves a lot to be desired.

I cannot agree more with Shikota that our Freedom Charter and democracy is in great danger and needs to be defended.

Rudolph Raphael, Witbank


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