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Correctional Services said that “matters are under control” at Johannesburg’s Sun City Prison on Wed.

Mama Angel steps in to help school

By unknown | Nov 06, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Nthabisang Moreosele

Mama Angel has donated a microwave, side plates and reams of exam papers to Kingsway, a non-denominational school in Honeydew, Johannesburg.

Kingsway takes in children from Alexandra and Zandspruit.

The school was started in 1986 in a garage with seven children.

The aim was to cater for the large numbers of disadvantaged children in the informal settlements.

The children are often from abusive families suffering neglect or from a very poor background.

It offers an opportunity for the children to break out of their cycle of poverty and to realise their potential through education.

There are 230 pupils from Grade 0 to 7 taught by 10 teachers. There is a resident social worker and remedial teacher.

Children's health and physical wellbeing are monitored daily.

The pupils are served meals and take food parcels home to their families.

Kingsway offers support to abused children and those affected by HIV-Aids.

It is a charitable educational trust that:

l Seeks to support pupils beyond Kingsway with a sponsor-mentorship programme;

l Provides pupils with a positive sense of self and a firm foundation for the future;

l Provides social care through the services and expertise of a social worker;

l Supports victims of abuse, rape or neglect and educates pupils about HIV-Aids;

l Demonstrates an open-hearted caring approach to both HIV-Aids infected and affected individuals; and

l Teaches children about the importance of taking responsibility for their lives and making wise choices.

Principal Angela de Lange thanked Mama Angel for the stationery.

She said it was needed for the coming exams.

"Thanks for the plates. They have arrived timeously as we are going to celebrate Teachers' Day soon," De Lange said.


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