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bok not a problem

By unknown | 2008-11-06 00:00:00.0

The ongoing debate about the Springbok emblem is interesting.

The ongoing debate about the Springbok emblem is interesting.

My belief is that the emblem is not the problem but attitude is the problem.

There are many sporting codes which use the King Protea as their chosen emblem but have hardly transformed.

We can chuck away the Springbok emblem and still find ourselves with the same old problems.

The way I see it we don't need to chuck the emblem first but must get rid of remnants of apartheid days who firmly believe that rugby is their God-given sport.

I still remember some time ago when Eugene Terblanche said he preferred to be called a boer because he felt the name Afrikaner is an academic one.

So, we can make changes but if those changes are not for the better, those changes will remain academic changes.

We will change the emblem and those racists within rugby will make sure that is the only change they can allow.

Right now rugby for many black kids is a pie in the sky and that is where the problem is.

Richardson Mzaidume,