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Luzuko Pongoma

Luzuko Pongoma

A Johannesburg woman has conned 17 families out of about R136000 in advance deposits for the same townhouse.

The families only realised they had been cheated when some of them arrived at the same time to occupy the flat.

The con artist, who used the name of television personality Kwena Marara Moabelo as a marketing catch line, charged them R8000 each and supplied keys to the same flat.

Steven Angus and his fiancee Annett moved in last Friday morning. In the afternoon, eight other families arrived with keys and found Angus had already moved in.

"It was crazy. I had to explain to everyone what I was doing there.

"I produced a copy of the woman's identity document, and to my surprise, everyone was carrying the same documents."

Angus moved out of the flat on Monday saying he feared for his safety.

"There are too many people with the same keys," he said.

Another of the victims, Tshidi Matlawa, said: "She was so sweet. She met me and gave me the keys after I had given her proof that I had paid R8000 into her bank account.

"She told me she was Moabelo's sister and gave me a copy of her ID to reassure me."

Matlawa said her first shock was to find the flat occupied by Angus, and then she could not believe it when more people arrived to claim ownership of the accommodation.

"I needed accommodation badly. I have now been forced to move in with my sister.

"It is a real setback."

Other victims, Mimi Piti and Nana Qholosha, said that the townhouse was hard to resist because it was beautiful and affordable.

Piti said that she started to panic when the con woman did not arrive on Friday morning to give her the keys.

Qholosha said that on Saturday the con woman called and asked her to deposit the money into the account.

This is after more than 10 victims had already visited the place on Friday.

Marcus Mbatha, the owner, said that the con artist had been living in the townhouse for four months.

Mbatha said that she disappeared with his money because she did not pay rent.

The con artist also gave the victims her other aliases such as Melody Lowe, Mandisa, Badirile and Emmanuel.

Kwena Moabelo said he had a sister named Manuel and she was in her thirties.

He said that he does not want to be dragged into the matter.

"I spoke to my sister and she told me it is not her.

"She is an adult. She will take actions to clear her name," he said.

Police spokesman Inspector Moses Maphakelela confirmed that the Midrand police were investigating the cases of fraud against a woman.

"We are investigating and we will arrest the suspect soon," said Maphakelela

Ten of the people conned out of their cash have laid charges at the Midrand police station.

They responded to an advert placed on various property websites for the two-bedroom flat at Carlswald Crest in Midrand, Johannesburg.

It cost R4500 a month and they thought it was a bargain at the price.


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