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Address the people's needs

By unknown | Nov 05, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

A curved ball has been thrown into the political game - in the form of the so-called Shikota party that will be officially launched on December 16 in Bloemfontein.

A curved ball has been thrown into the political game - in the form of the so-called Shikota party that will be officially launched on December 16 in Bloemfontein.

In the broader scheme of things, the formation of a new, black-led political party is long overdue, particularly one that takes a leaf out of the decorative history of the ruling African National Congress.

Recent developments in the political landscape of our country signal a number of permutations and create numerous expectations from the populace, especially in view of the fact that we will be marching to the polls next year.

During the run-up to the Polokwane conference, when the nation was being misled and deceived into thinking that the ANC was as united as ever, many among infected lunatics like me knew that this was just a smokescreen.

The truth was blinding even to those who could not see, the smoke was getting thicker and thicker and the fire was as blistering as never before.

Having said all of that, the greatest tragedy with our politics is that the majority of our people - the poverty-stricken, those infected with HIV, the uneducated, the homeless, and of course the BEE seekers, are being taken for a rough ride.

As a matter of fact, the political game is being played by a few, powerful individuals who are twisting and turning the minds of the majority.

The reality of our political scenario, which is not restricted to our own country, is that the majority are only as good as endorsing decisions that have been taken in board meetings by those few individuals who have the political clout.

Therefore, I simply wish to advise all our people, including the powers that be, that they must understand that political power is a temporary occupation, one which demands that the leaders remain committed and loyal to the struggle of our people.

If I can use the example of HIV-Aids as one practical example, there is absolutely no way in which any political leader can take for granted as emotive an issue as that which has directly infected more than 6 million people in our country, excluding those who remain affected.

This massive community of people affected and infected by this incurable disease forms a very critical and strategic constituency for any political leader, not only to be used as a political tool but also by ensuring that the tangible needs and wants of the constituency are well taken care of.

As we speak, thousands of people continue to die daily even though HIV-Aids has been declared and proven to be a manageable disease.

Millions of infected people still cannot access treatment and healthcare is deteriorating at an alarming rate, yet the majority of our leaders wish to convince us that life is just another day in the office.

Our leaders should not be tempted, ever, to think that they can take the people for granted and get away with it.

Zimbabwe is the nearest example.

No matter what Mugabe says, the irrefutable fact is that his country was bankrupted under his leadership.

History has judged him in his lifetime.


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