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Soapies don't depict reality

By unknown | Nov 03, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

There is something that when guys do it, hearts race, temperatures rise, palms sweat and mouths get dry - a reaction from their girlfriends that is.

It's the same thing that Ridge Forrester does to Brooke as he plans to pop the question for the zillionth time.

You know that famous firm grip of her shoulders, the whisper-cum-groan that's accompanied with eye to eye sincerity before he mutters: "Will you marry me?"

We have come to associate such tired moments with the big proposal jiffy because we've been watching the famous lovers since we were in primary school and, frankly, they must die now.

Soapies have killed romance for most of us.

Through these fallacies, we've been taught that until a guy has learnt to shed a tear over something as emotional as a betrayal, a wedding, a miscarriage or a break up, he was definitely raised by a pack of wolves.

Why, because Ridge does it, Thorne does it, Barker does it, hell even Ajax did it. They sob their hearts out.

So I don't blame the people who think they are in direct competition with these actors and actresses who are not only twice the ages their characters are, but are facing the worst reality in their own lives.

What could be worse than snatching a bouquet on the screen and dealing with a bum-scratching slob who could never afford a ring in a million years in real life?

We are also trained to understand that love conquers all, when in reality love is just not enough.

How many people break up over money? No, make that how many people have survived financial struggles? In law nuisance? Personality issues? Infertility? Where do I stop? I quite like the money issue because in the soapies, people don't really bust their asses. Most are born into money and spend three minutes at work and rake in the awards, fight with parents a little before they get engaged again.

In reality, that's nothing less than an enchanted life.

Only in the soapies do you find people getting egg donors at the drop of a hat, successful first time implantations, three engagements in one year, a full-term pregnancy of just twelve weeks, a court trial of three days with an eye-witness and irrefutable evidence and people who don't want their engagement rings back.

Plus they don't have to feel tired or disillusioned because there are no traffic jams in the soapie.

When couples fight, they do so in the national parks or cosy hotels or nests. So why not make up by making reservations at Dineo's and drink the ills away?

In reality, we have to deal with people who hate, saboteurs, taxi drivers, debt collectors, arrogant bosses, HIV, nosy neighbours, moody parents, funerals and a depressing political climate.

Where do you find the time to chill the champagne and buy her ten bunches of roses just to ask: "Have I told you lately that I love you?"

How many people wouldn't freak out at the prospect? We are too stressed to live it up like the Morokas.

A friend has an even stronger view. He says that soapies are the direct opposite of what we've always known life to be.

"Soapies are meant for the elite for their own enjoyment."

I agree with him. Only the well- heeled can rest chilled, knowing that Ntombi of Generations has a dress for each day even though she's not presented as a shopaholic like her friend Queen.

Try looking that swanky and see every man run for cover on the third date. In reality, no guy would be comfortable with a clothes obsession like that, not even one who has Sibusiso's money. But when you consider that Sibusiso freaks out with every cent spent, you have to take out the calculator and do the maths. This is a far cry from our own lives.

I have also noticed the pointers for the next point from the same facebook friend.

"Our soapies implant in our people's minds a dog-eat-dog mentality."

Another important function of soapies is that of reinforcing in the entertainment sphere a race, class and gender contradiction which is necessary for the reproduction of a capitalist industrial society.

This helps to maintain the status quo and bolster the dominance of the ruling class. Both the SABC and are feeding us soapies with the sole intention of de-focusing the working class and the poor from the class struggle.

Why we do not have programmes that speak of the many challenges faced by the working class and the poor? In an unequal and gender insensitive capitalist society like ours, we need the SABC, as a public broadcaster, showcasing the realities and the challenges faced by the many.

Soapies are Americanising our society.

So before you bang your head against the wall and ruin relationships just because Karabo has finally met a match who could "save" her, (there's another problem right there, the damsel in distress soapie culture) don't stress about yours.

It only happens in the soapies because they are directed that way.


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