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keep the CAMPs open - tac

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Anna Majavu

Anna Majavu

The Treatment Action Campaign and Aids Law Project is threatening to interdict the city of Cape Town and the Western Cape provincial government for "violating the constitutional rights of displaced people to dignity, security, food, health care, and shelter".

The TAC and ALP want government to provide a written guarantee not to close the last remaining displaced peoples' camp tomorrow.

The provincial government, controlled by the ANC, and the city of Cape Town, controlled by the DA, are both unanimous that they will shut down the last camp, Blue Waters, tomorrow.

There are still about 1000 displaced people in the camps.

In a letter to Western Cape premier Lynne Brown and Cape Town mayor Helen Zille, TAC's lawyers told the government to leave Blue Waters open until every person was able to reintegrate or be repatriated.

The TAC and ALP also want the government to either "restore all services to Youngsfield", the camp that was closed last Friday, or "transfer all people remaining at Youngsfield to Blue Waters", the last remaining camp.

The TAC also slammed the government's decision to force displaced people to accept a "one-size-fits-all reintegration process, which takes no account of particular circumstances or dangers".

Many displaced people in Cape Town have agreed to be repatriated but want to remain in the camps until they can leave the country.

The government insists that displaced people must "reintegrate first, repatriation will follow".

Brown's spokesman, An Wentzel, said the premier had not received the TAC's letter.

Zille said: "We don't have the resources or capacity to keep the sites open indefinitely. The closure of the sites marks the end of a very challenging episode in our city."

Olivier Beer of the UN High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR) did not respond to messages from Sowetan.


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