Fri Oct 21 22:23:27 CAT 2016 won't quit US if Obama loses election

By unknown | Oct 24, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Black Eyed Peas star William insists he won't quit the US if presidential hopeful Barack Obama isn't successful in his bid for the White House - because he'd feel too guilty about leaving the country.

The Heartbreaker hitmaker is backing Obama to take the presidency over rival John McCain - but won't be too downbeat if the Democrat doesn't win the race.

"Whether Obama's president or McCain's president, it's still important for people to be just as passionate and just as involved in moving and shaping their communities," he said.

"I'm going to do that regardless of who is president. You don't just bail the f**k out. This political cycle isn't like Christmas."

The star has publicly backed the politician throughout his campaign, recording a pro-Obama music video with stars including John Legend, Ryan Phillippe and Jessica Alba.

Although insists he isn't eager to make another political promo: "Not any time soon. If I start making songs just like a factory, then they're not the truth." - Wenn


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