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Magic behind Tv celebrity's fresh breath

By unknown | Oct 23, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Jack Devnarain, who plays Rajesh Kumar in SABC3 soapie Isidingo, needs no refreshing on arrival.

His passion is long-distance riding on his superbike, a Suzuki GSX - R1300, and he's just been for a spur-of-the-moment ride.

Nevertheless, we thought his chosen career as an on-screen (and off-screen) hunk, who has to indulge in plenty of kisses, could only benefit from having his breath as fresh as possible.

To this end we asked him to test five very fresh breath mints and let us know which would be his mouth freshener of choice.

He starts with Orbit Professional Mints made by Wrigley's. His first comment is on the packaging.

"All mints have gone for this ice blue packaging," he says. "Moved away from the green, which is actually the colour of mint."

He likes the big burst of mint you get when you put this in your mouth.

"It dissolves easily and when you chew the rest you get a strong aftershock."

These mints are sugar-free with micro-granules for a noticeably clean mouth feeling and small ridges on one side of the mint gently clean the tongue.

Next Devnarain tests the Endearmints.

"These are more like a kiddies sweet. They have too much candy coating and the packaging doesn't really work. It gets mashed up too quickly."

Clorets mints come in a long rectangular packet.

"These have quite a strong chemical taste," concludes Devnarain. "They're quite strong but with a totally different flavour to the Orbit ones. These work for me but I'd rather chew gum."

The Halls sugar-free vapour action mints have the traditional Halls flavour, according to Devnarain, with feeling sick and having a scratchy throat.

"I wouldn't buy Halls as a breath freshener," he says, "I would buy it as a throat lozenge."

Finally Devnarain moves on to an old classic - Tic Tac.

"The taste and packaging of this sweet has stood the test of time. It still uses traditional green and the iconic plastic box, which I like.

"All in all I would pick Orbit as my solution to a problem lunch," he says.


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