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'I shouldn't have been booted out'

By unknown | Oct 21, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Big Brother Africa 3's latest evictee, Ghana's Mimi, is traumatised.

Speaking to Sowetan after her eviction, Mimi said she does not understand why she was voted out. "Could be Africa misunderstood my game or forgot that in the Big Brother house we all play the game. They should not have used my strategy to evict me. I was really playing the game, that is why I got played," she says angrily, claiming that she was at the top of her game and Africa has interfered with that.

"Just because people confided in me does not mean that I am a gossip. If I have information, I take it to the people. The fact that the housemates kept coming back to me means they trusted me. If they wanted absolute secrecy, they should have kept their news to themselves, like Munya who did not confide in Ricco about sleeping with Tawana. He knew Ricco would tell me and I would in turn talk about it openly. The sad thing is that they are taking the most interesting people out.

"Look at Uti, Sheila and now me. Next it could easily be Ricco. Who is going to stay in the house now? A bunch of boring people," she said, conceding that if Africa did not turn against Ricco during the three consecutive nominations, it won't happen now.

She went on to describe Thami as a talker who just argues and calls people out, Hazel and Tawana as a jealous duo who were bitter that she had not befriended them.

"I was shocked to hear the things Hazel was saying about me about the microphone , the Mimi mean look, and Tawana's declaration that I was not happy to see her survive the chop."


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