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six pupils 'booze' in front of cop station

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Mfundekelwa Mkhulisi

Mfundekelwa Mkhulisi

Six Vryburger High School pupils in Ekurhuleni did not only bunk school on Friday but camped outside a local police station and "partied".

The pupils were duly arrested.

The group of youths, three boys and three girls aged between 15 and 17, told Sowetan that they did not go to school because it was "boring". They are all in Grade 9.

"It was a golf day and boring. Teachers left early and we decided to chill," said a 15-year-old girl.

The teenagers held their party in a parking lot next to the police station.

"We bought our booze at Pick n Pay and each contributed R10," said another pupil, whose father is a police inspector at a Germiston police station.

The youngsters said it was a coincidence that they were in pairs.

"We are not lovers," one pupil said. "We did not plan this. It just happened."

A talkative 16-year-old girl seemed unfazed by being arrested.

The police said they saw a white minibus at about 10am, parked 15metres from the police station and with noisy pupils in school uniform in it. They approached to find out why they were not in school.

"We were shocked when we found them drinking alcohol," said spokesman William Masondo.

Masondo said the pupils' behaviour was appalling.

"How dare they come near a police station and drink alcohol?" he asked. "They have no respect for their school, parents and, worst of all, the law."

The police confiscated a sixpack of 340ml bottles of cider and a bottle filled with a concoction of cheap brandy and juice.

Masondo said they also took the minibus keys because the owner or driver was not present.

The pupils were still in their school uniforms when police bust them on a public drinking charge.

"How can you do this to me?" asked one of the parents, who is a teacher at nearby Graceland Combined School.

"I preach discipline to other kids at my school, yet you are busy drinking liquor during school hours," she admonished her child.

The pupils were later released into the custody of their parents.

Department of education spokesman Nanagolo Leopeng said: "The department cannot tolerate such behaviour, especially when pupils are supposed to be preparing for final exams.

"We will await a report from the school and the district and the necessary steps will be taken."


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