Fri Oct 28 02:48:11 SAST 2016
Order restored at Sun City Prison after fiery protest over inmates’ TVs

Correctional Services said that “matters are under control” at Johannesburg’s Sun City Prison on Wed.

Vaal Thursday

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11230 - RACING EXPRESS MAIDEN PLATE (For all Maidens) - 1000 metres R70 000 - Leg 1,2nd Double Closes 1300,Place Accumulator Closes 1330

1* One For Al R P Lerena2V10, 5R10, 8T10 G Wrogemann58,018
2 Eton Express C J Maree0T12, 0T12, 0R10 D Habib58,07
3 Mattox Man A G LairdB Nyawo58,08
4* August Eight B D Botes3T10, 2V10, 5R10 M Khan57,016
5 Cult Status D Zaki2V12, 4R10, 4t10 P Strydom57,05
6* Brancaster R Francis5V14, 9R16, 9R12 G Figueroa57,02
7 Carrelli G V WoodruffM Malherbe57,010
8 Derbyshire L J Erasmus 0V12 B Lerena57,012
9 Heart Of Caesour B P Maroun 6R10 M V'Rensburg57,011
10 Image Intensifier M N Houdalakis 0V12, 3R12 S Swanepoel57,017
11* Kings Gold G W Anthony5T12, 3R12, 0C12 A Fortune57,03
12 Privateer C Spies 8R10 F Naude57,06
13 Snazzy Jazz C Binda 5T10, 7R10 P Whitmore57,013
14 Speech C SpiesS Chambers57,04
15 Steel Courage L J Erasmus 8R12 L Nhlapo57,015
16 West Beach I JayesD David57,014
17 Chief Justice S T Pettigrew0t10, 8t16, 7t10 Reserve 157,01
18* Fort Achilles H E Adamson6V20, 6t22, 0C18 Reserve 258,09

Coupled (8,15) (12,14) * Denotes blinkers

21300 - COMPUTAFORM MAIDEN PLATE (F & M) - 1800 metres R70 000 - 1st Double Leg 2,2nd Double Leg 1,Place Accumulator Closes 1330

1* Splash G V Woodruff2C20, 6S20, 9C20 M Khan58,09
2* English Warning W H Tolmay4T25, 7R18, 2V24 A Fortune58,016
3 Bold Delight PMA Erasmus5T25, 8T18, 0t16 D David58,014
4* Gold Bar L J Erasmus2Y14, 3R16, 9R16 B Nyawo58,012
5* Now-or-never L J Erasmus6R18, 4V24, 5t22 L Nhlapo58,010
6 Canterbury Park L J Erasmus0R18, 5R16, 3V24 S Chambers58,06
7 Paris Secret M N Houdalakis7T16, 0t16, 2t22 V Morake55,01
8* Coropuna A Kirsten5T16, 4C17, 7t22 R Simons55,08
9 Zoi Sa Mas T Lowe0t16, 5T18, 3R18 P Strydom55,07
10 Gold Texan P J Dempers4Y16, 2Y18, 2Y18 T Pretorius55,05
11 Lady Rakeen R Francis9R16, 9V24, 0R16 G Figueroa55,03
12 Modern Revelation C Mayhew0V10, 8T10, 0T12 M V'Rensburg55,04
13* Cat Fight A KirstenJ Sampson55,015
14 Crown Vox (brz) C Spies 9t16, 6R16 A Nienaber55,02
15 Kerala C SpiesB Lerena55,011
16 My Candy Girl C Spies 2R15 F Naude55,013

Coupled (4,5,6) (8,13) (14,15,16) * Denotes blinkers

31330 - THE RACING ASSOCIATION MAIDEN PLATE (For all Maidens) - 1450 metres R70 000 - 2nd Double Leg 2,3rd Double Leg 1,Place Accumulator Leg 1

1 Alwaysawinner B Warren6T10, 2R12, 3T16 A Nienaber58,07
2* Irish Lizard B O Wiid9V12, 6R10, 5R10 G Lerena58,09
3 On Y Va (brz) A G Laird5D13, 0T12, 5R15 B Nyawo58,06
4 Capel Creek T Zackey4t16, 8T16, 6t15 S Khumalo58,04
5 Modern Fire I Jayes6D12, 4C10, 5R12 A Fortune58,012
6* Chester Boy W H Tolmay2Y10, 0Y10, 9R10 D Mansour58,014
7 Young River R P Lerena7T12, 6t16, 0V14 V Morake58,02
8* Dharm's Child W Whitehead0S12, 7D14, 6R12 J Sampson58,010
9 Little Tich B Webber 9R10 B Lerena58,08
10 Valor Nativo (brz) C Spies2Y14, 2R10, 6R10 F Naude56,05
11 Donington Castle D N Stenger3V10, 5t12, 8T14 G Wrogemann56,01
12 Artaius R Francis8R18, 0t16, 0R16 S Nhlapo56,013
13 Rush For Gold S Moffatt 0R12 S Chambers56,011
14 Tara's Kingdom C Binda 8R10 P Whitmore56,03

Coupled * Denotes blinkers

41400 - COMPUTAFORM EXPRESS MAIDEN PLATE - 1450 metres R70 000 - 3rd Double Leg 2,4th Double Leg 1,Place Accumulator Leg 2

1 Master Fitz B O Wiid2V14, 2R15, 6V14 L Nhlapo58,01
2 Sergeant Major W Whitehead3D14, 3C15, 8S14 P Whitmore58,010
3 Empowerment S Moffatt4R16, 4R16, 5R16 G Wrogemann58,03
4 Wants And Needs G W Anthony0R18, 4V16, 2R15 A Fortune58,04
5* The Roads Private B Webber6R14, 4R16, 5R16 B Lerena58,09
6* Paloleo W H Tolmay6Y12, 4V14, 4R15 S Khumalo58,06
7 Belorus S J Gray9V16, 2R16, 4R20 G Lerena58,08
8* Ovideus A Kirsten2R16, 3R16, 5R20 M Khan56,07
9* Button The Hatch M F De Kock0D16, 2R16, 2R15 J Geroudis56,011
10* Lotta Days C Mayhew0V12, 0R15, 7t16 J Sampson56,013
11 Crimson Courier R Francis0R18, 0R16, 0R16 V Morake56,012
12 Daring Nicholas M N Houdalakis 4V12, 7t15 D Mansour56,02
13 Powerful Punch S T Pettigrew 0T12, 5t15 T Pretorius56,05

Coupled * Denotes blinkers

51430 - PSL SOCCER 6 GRADUATION PLATE - 1000 metres R80 000 - 4th Double Leg 2,5th Double Leg 1,Place Accumulator Leg 3

1 Drayton (ire) M F De Kock4X12, 4X14, 6X12 A Fortune58,01
2 Chad Baxter A Kirsten0R10, 4S10, 0R10 J Sampson58,010
3* Fighting Oliver L J Erasmus0R10, 0Y10, 8R10 L Nhlapo58,08
4 Golden Music P F Matchett0D14, 5C10, 5D12 M Mienie55,59
5* Juanfra (arg) G V Woodruff4C15, 6S16, 6D13 M Khan55,52
6* Glittering Temple A Kirsten0T10, 1R10, 1R10 D Mansour55,57
7 Rio Matola L J Erasmus4t10, 0R10, 1R10 G Figueroa55,54
8 Mount Hood P F Matchett2D14, 0D14, 8C16 R Simons54,56
9 Big Commotion D Zaki2T12, 4R10, 2R10 P Strydom54,53
10 Argento P J Dempers1Y12, 8Y12, 4Y12 T Pretorius54,55

Coupled (2,6) (3,7) (4,8) * Denotes blinkers

61500 - RACING EXPRESS PROFILE MR 85 DIVIDED HANDICAP (Open) - 1600 metres R81 000 - 5th Double Leg 2,6th Double Leg 1,Place Accumulator Leg 4

1* Dragon Lord B Warren6T20, 6T20, 4t18 A Nienaber60,08
2 Awesome Double (aus) G V Woodruff1V24, 1V24, 3T18 M Khan58,56
3* Fox Hunt M G Azzie3T14, 5t16, 3T16 A Fortune58,51
4* Ruckus B P Maroun2R20, 2R18, 4R18 P Strydom57,04
5* Duke's Lad R R Sage2t18, 2T18, 2T18 G Wrogemann56,52
6 Great Sovereign A J Rivalland0C20, 2R15, 1R16 M Mienie56,05
7 Dancing Dazzler S G Tarry3R16, 3R16, 3R15 G Lerena54,09
8* Dependent Hero C Mayhew1R15, 6R16, 9R15 M V'Rensburg53,53
9* Seraph S J Gray2R15, 1R15, 7R18 B Lerena53,07

Coupled * Denotes blinkers

71530 - COMPUTAFORM SPEED RATING MR 70 DIVIDED HANDICAP (Open) - 1600 metres R56 000 - 6th Double Leg 2,7th Double Leg 1,Place Accumulator Leg 5

1* Danvida (aus) C Spies5T12, 7D19, 6R15 F Naude60,015
2* Crash And Burn D Cason7Y16, 3Y14, 1Y16 S Khumalo60,09
3 Saint Stephen C Binda7K16, 9U16, 5R15 P Whitmore59,54
4 Father Smith S J Gray2V16, 1R15, 4R15 J Geroudis58,03
5* Running Fortune W Whitehead5V20, 1R18, 5R20 J Sampson58,010
6 Wood Medley C E Erasmus0t16, 9R14, 9t18 D David57,05
7 Gypsy Man W H Tolmay6R16, 2Y16, 4R15 G Lerena56,012
8 Disclosed Duel L J Erasmus6Y14, 5V14, 5R15 G Figueroa55,011
9* Russian Rhythm C E Erasmus7T18, 4R16, 3t18 M V'Rensburg54,51
10 De La Vega N A Fisher0T16, 7R15, 3R16 S Nhlapo53,013
11 War Zone R P Lerena5T25, 8T18, 7t18 V Morake52,58
12 New Vibe D J Nieuwenhuizen2Y18, 5R20, 5R18 D Habib52,06
13* Romeo's Boy R Francis7V14, 7t10, 9t16 L Nhlapo52,07
14 Princeship R P Lerena8T14, 6T16, 0t16 T Pretorius52,014
15 Wolfden N A Fisher0V20, 0V12, 0t16 A Nienaber52,02

Coupled (6,9) (10,15) (11,14) * Denotes blinkers


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