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'I was God's miracle to survive my jump from death balcony'

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Penwell Dlamini

Penwell Dlamini

The teenager who survived an eight-floor plunge that killed her two fellow jumpers said "it was by the grace of God" that she survived.

Her cousin and a friend died when they jumped from the eighth floor of a block of flats in Berea, Johannesburg, to escape fire. The three were in the bedroom when the distribution box in the main room exploded.

They had to break a window to escape onto the balcony because "the smoke and flames in the living room were strong".

Nosizi Dube, 17, said yesterday that she would always pray and would not forget the incident. "I was God's miracle. Instead of going all the way to the ground, some power swung me and helped me land on the balcony of the seventh floor," Nosizi said.

She said she was asleep and having a strange dream when she was awoken by a loud bang. "I was dreaming of a grave. My mother was standing near the grave and a woman in black was ordering her to jump into it. She was about to jump when I moved in to save her. That is when the explosion happened and I woke up," she said.

She said they felt trapped when they reached the balcony.

Then they decided to jump.

"My hope was that we land on our feet. I was actually hoping that I only break my legs during the landing, rather than die. I wished the same for the others.

"I jumped first. I did not see the others jump. I landed on my stomach and chest. It was a painful fall. I only realised the horror of the incident when I was taken outside."

Her cousin Sharon Mpofu, 16, lay badly injured on the floor, and their friend Patricia Mpofu, 24, (no relation) was already dead. "Patricia's body was already covered in a sheet. I was sad," she said.

Her cousin died in hospital.

"I think God was with me. He did not want me to die. Before I jumped I could hear people screaming from the ground floor saying I should go back in," she said.

She suffered bruises to her arms and thighs. She was treated and discharged at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital the same day.

The fire is believed to have been caused by an explosion of the distribution box.

Johannesburg emergency management services spokesman Percy Morokane said: "Our fire safety officers and police will investigate the cause of the fire. We will also investigate if the building complies with the fire safety regulations."


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