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Fields for Greyville today

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11250 - ASOGAN / SHARMA MAIDEN PLATE (For all Maidens) - 1200 metres R60 000 - 1st Double Leg 1,2nd Double Closes 1325,Place Accumulator Closes 1325

1* Joe Hope B Crawford6K10, 2U12, 4K12 C Orffer58,012
2 Bold Pigeon A J Rivalland7S12, 2D13, 9D16 K Zechner58,011
3 National Titanium K Naidoo4C10, 5S10, 0D10 A Mlaba58,06
4* Mariinsky I S Moore0C12, 5C15, 5S14 A Forbes58,01
5 Bumper To Bumper S G Benton6C12, 5C10, 8S10 K Teetan58,013
6 Unleashed S A Lodge 0S12 D Howell58,016
7 Triple Gem P/L Denysschen8C11, 3S14, 6S17 R Hill57,04
8 Little Big Man D C Howells4S10, 5C12, 6S16 M Byleveld57,09
9* Palomar Peak R G Phillips0S10, 5D14, 7C15 J Goslett57,017
10 Ensign Lavery P/L Denysschen4S16, 8D16, 7S12 I Sturgeon57,05
11 Baklava C Laird 6C15 A Marcus57,07
12 Crocodile River (snl) M F De KockA Delpech57,014
13 Final Contract T NortonC Maujean57,08
14 Mgabaduli (aus) M F De Kock 8S10, 0D16 A Fortune57,010
15 Two Club D Egdes 7S10, 0S10 L Africa57,03
16* Western Gem B N Rice 0S12 R Danielson57,02
17* Wood Appeal To You C R Lee9D16, 0C12, 0S12 Reserve Runner58,015

Coupled (7,10) (12,14) * Denotes blinkers

21325 - JUGGIE & JAY MAIDEN PLATE (F & M) (For Maiden Fillies & Mares) - 1400 metres R60 000 - 1st Double Leg 2,2nd Double Leg 1,Place Accumulator Leg 1

1 Press For Peace M L Roberts3D12, 7S12, 7C12 I Sturgeon58,01
2* Eastern Zone L/B Werner / Impey2C15, 5C15, 2S14 A Fortune58,03
3* Mama Mia C Scott7S12, 0C12, 5S14 S Randolph58,011
4 Style Of Grace S A Lodge8D14, 8D14, 0D19 D Howell58,05
5 Woodland Queen D Egdes4D14, 6S16, 8S14 M Latorre58,09
6 Neapolitana I S Moore0R16, 7T25, 0D14 G Coetzee58,06
7 Press Play D Egdes 0C12, 9S12 L Africa58,012
8 Wishing Chair (aus) A D Gordon 5S12, 9C20 B Lerena58,04
9 Bubs Girl L/B Werner / Impey8S14, 9C15, 7C16 C Orffer56,08
10 Pacific Jewel M F De Kock 9C12 A Delpech56,07
11 Red Caviar M F De KockW Kennedy56,010
12 Spirit In The Sky M D Miller 0D14 M Byleveld56,02

Coupled (2,9) (5,7) (10,11) * Denotes blinkers

31355 - THE THREE BUILDERS FM 68 HANDICAP (F & M) (Maximum rating 70 after WFA allowance) - 1400 metres R52 000 - 2nd Double Leg 2,3rd Double leg 1,Place Accumulator Leg 2

1 Clairfontaine C M Bestel2T10, 3t12, 1t16 A Forbes60,512
2* Horsepower C Scott3S12, 3C15, 2C12 M Byleveld60,515
3 Bezame' W Whitehead5D14, 3S14, 1S16 K Zechner60,05
4 Nightstalker K Naidoo6S12, 0D14, 0C15 R Hill60,08
5* Ms Goldfinger R T Watkinson0D12, 4C16, 2S16 R Danielson60,010
6 Slainte M Dixon8D12, 5C12, 0S14 S Randolph59,54
7 One Way G H Van Zyl0D14, 9S12, 7S10 A Delpech59,016
8 Young Champion P L Lunn0D12, 7C16, 7S20 I Sturgeon59,011
9 Field Rose T Woolard6D14, 5D14, 2S14 A Fortune59,02
10 Distant Away M P Antelme9C15, 9C16, 1D14 G Coetzee58,59
11 Owens Girl W H Marwing5C12, 6S14, 1S14 B Smith58,06
12 Melly Lou S G Benton9D14, 0C15, 9S14 K Teetan55,517
13 Houston's Stride D Egdes0D14, 0S12, 7S16 M Latorre55,014
14 Royal Roxy D C Howells9S16, 8S14, 0D14 B Lerena53,513
15 Steffi D S Bosch7S14, 9S14, 0D16 D Howell53,53
16 Shewill C R Lee0D14, 0C16, 8S16 L Africa52,51
17 Instante J Ramsden9C12, 1D16, 4D14 Reserve Runner61,07

Coupled * Denotes blinkers

41425 - OLIVETTI BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GRADUATION PLATE (2 time winners and less) - 1600 metres R70 000 - 3rd Double Leg 2,4th Double Leg 1,Place Accumulator Leg 3

1 Littleredcorvette G R Puller2C17, 4D16, 2C18 A Fortune58,03
2* Mutadarreg M D Miller4D16, 2C15, 2C15 R Hill58,05
3 Extrapolator W H Marwing5C15, 6D16, 6D16 B Smith58,08
4* Sun Struck J Freedman8C15, 8C15, 0S16 D Howell58,07
5* Interlink J Freedman7C15, 6C17, 4S14 D Mansour58,02
6 Royal Hero J M Goodman1C10, 1D14, 0D14 A Delpech56,06
7* Yuraking D Egdes4C17, 3C18, 2C17 M Latorre55,51
8* For The Flag B Bulana3S16, 6S16, 8C17 J Goslett55,59
9* Come On Sparky D C Howells3D11, 1D14, 0S12 M Byleveld53,54

Coupled (4,5) * Denotes blinkers

51455 - ALASKAN / DAVES FM 85 HANDICAP (F & M) (No maximum rating) - 1900 metres R80 000 - 4th Double Leg 2,5th Double Leg 1,Place Accumulator Leg 4

1 Prestic G H Van Zyl7C16, 1S16, 3C20 A Fortune60,07
2 El Romantico R G Phillips7D19, 4S16, 8C20 L Africa57,05
3 Starzene (usa) W H Marwing7C24, 2S20, 1S20 B Lerena57,04
4 Pretty Partner R G Phillips0D19, 0S16, 0C20 J Goslett57,010
5* Sphalaphala G R Puller6C24, 3C25, 3S16 R Hill56,02
6 Bold Wonder (aus) M L Roberts6C16, 1S20, 1C20 I Sturgeon55,51
7 Salamander Sue B Crawford1K16, 3S16, 4C20 C Orffer54,53
8 Gueridon W Whitehead6S16, 5S16, 2S16 K Zechner54,08
9 Rose Of Damascus (usa) M F De Kock 9D14, 1S20 A Delpech53,59
10* Goddess Of Hearts D Egdes7S24, 8S20, 4S20 M Latorre52,06

Coupled (2,4) * Denotes blinkers

61525 - ENABLED CHARITY FM 66 HANDICAP (F & M) (Maximum 66 after WFA allowance) - 1900 metres R52 000 - 5th Double Leg 2,6th Double Leg 1,Place Accumulator Leg 5

1 Dancing Lady (arg) M F De Kock6C12, 2C16, 1S20 A Delpech60,03
2 Ninette De Valois (ssl) G H Van Zyl9D16, 6C12, 0D14 R Hill60,011
3 Tweenie D Egdes 3S12, 1S14 S Randolph59,52
4 Millie's Fan G S Kotzen6S20, 9C16, 5S16 M Byleveld59,08
5 Russian Thunder S G Tarry6T20, 9t16, 7T16 A Fortune58,54
6 What A June L/B Werner / Impey0C16, 8S20, 8C20 W Kennedy58,59
7 Joyce The Voice D Cunha6C15, 1S16, 6C20 R Danielson57,05
8 Chase The Wind L/B Werner / Impey0D16, 0S16, 0S16 J Goslett56,51
9 Fly With Me W Whitehead3D20, 7S20, 3C20 K Zechner55,510
10 Done Roamin' J M Goodman3S24, 6S16, 4C20 B Lerena55,07
11 Global Girl M D Miller0D20, 8S16, 9D14 C Orffer54,06

Coupled (6,8) * Denotes blinkers

71555 - K. P. D POWER MR 85 HANDICAP (No maximum rating) - 1900 metres R80 000 - 6th Double Leg 2,7th Double Leg 1,Place Accumulator Leg 6

1 Secret Hero T Norton0S20, 6C20, 6D16 L Africa60,01
2* Quick Millions (brz) G R Puller3C15, 1S16, 2D16 D Mansour59,58
3 Mar Aberto (brz) G H Van Zyl5C25, 1D19, 7C17 A Delpech59,07
4* Debonair Man D R Drier6C19, 6C25, 3C20 R Danielson55,54
5 What's Going On R G Phillips0C20, 0D19, 5S16 R Hill54,53
6 Jet Plane S A Lodge3D19, 6C25, 7S20 D Howell54,05
7 Just Ice A Wright3S16, 8S20, 0D16 A Forbes52,56
8 Final Frontier G S Kotzen0D14, 1D16, 4C17 M Byleveld52,02

Coupled * Denotes blinkers

81630 - C. A. R. E. CLINIC MAIDEN PLATE (F & M) (For Maiden Fillies & Mares) - 2000 metres R60 000 - 7th Double Leg 2,,Place Accumulator Leg 7

1* Double Tryst (nz) C Laird2T18, 3V24, 6C16 A Marcus58,01
2* Beyond The Sunset L/B Werner / Impey4D19, 5S20, 5D19 C Orffer58,07
3* Bit Of Bizet A J Rivalland5C20, 4S20, 4C20 K Zechner58,02
4 Devonian W Whitehead3C15, 7C16, 5S16 S Randolph58,010
5 Mystic Gem D Cunha4C25, 3S20, 2D19 A Delpech58,09
6 Queen Of The West D Egdes8C16, 2C18, 6S16 L Africa58,03
7 Lady Larenjeros (aus) D Cunha8T10, 0t15, 7D14 R Danielson58,012
8* Snowball S G Benton5D19, 8D19, 0C25 K Teetan58,011
9 Crystal Hope J G Dittmer7C12, 7S16, 0C16 J Samuel58,06
10 Cool Connection B N Rice0C15, 7S14, 0D19 G van Niekerk58,08
11 Boho Chic W H Marwing4C15, 2S16, 2C17 B Smith55,05
12 Mirage Sighting J M Goodman7C12, 8S12, 5C18 B Lerena55,04

Coupled (5,7) * Denotes blinkers


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