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Van Rooyen suddenly withdraws his interdict

In another twist involving the public protector’s office‚ the Minister of Co-operative Governance an.

Cry baby Tawana loses out on TK's love

By unknown | Oct 08, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Tawana really made a fool of herself when she cried buckets for the object of her amorous advances in Big Brother Africa 3.

The lady from Botswana, left, poured her heart out to Zambia's TK. Alone in the bedroom and far away from Kenya's Sheila, TK's girlfriend, Tawana alternated between sobs and confessions of undying love for the big manipulative guy.

Contradicting herself, she wore her heart on her sleeve while at the same time insisting she understood that TK was now with Sheila. She said the reason they were together was because she had chased TK out of her bed. His ego hurt, he walked straight into Sheila's outstretched and welcoming arms.

Pathetic as Tawana was, TK has to be commended for taking a stand about his relationship with Sheila. He told Tawana that they could remain friends but kissing and hugging would only be reserved for Sheila.

Sensing that the object of her affection was under siege, Sheila kept coming in and out of the bedroom. She did not say anything but made it clear that she wanted the meeting to end, and soon.

Her wish was realised when TK finally followed her outside. Sharing a smoke, he repeated the nature of his conversation with Tawana, assuring Sheila that up until then, she was still the only conqueror of his heart.

Dissolving into more tears, Tawana was inconsolable in Morris's arms. She cried buckets even though the Ugandan was assuring her that she only had six days to get out of her misery. What that meant was anyone's guess. After all Tawana, Hazel, Sheila and TK are all up for eviction.

Morris, who is head of the house this week, shocked and drew admiration when he saved the hated or feared TK from eviction, replacing him with Angola's Ricco.

The Angolan holds the record of three nominations in a row. Last Sunday as he awaited his fate alongside Zimbabwe's Munya and Nigeria's Uti, he was the only one who did not have a single vote against him.

Miraculously Munya survived. Personally I would say he should be the next to go. He does not have anything to offer the viewers of the reality show.

Among the four, I would love to see Hazel go. She is complacent, tries hard to emulate Nigeria's Ofuneka from BBA2 who was seemingly under the radar. The housemates woke up to their grave mistake when she became the third contender to the $100000 prize money alongside Angola's Tatiana and the ultimate winner, Tanzania's Richard.

If Tawana does not stop alternating between being pathetic and ass-licking, she will find herself out of the house. She's too needy. Maybe it's high time she took a good look at Morris with whom she's sharing the bed. If Morris was truly telling TK that he had saved him when he whispered in his ear while standing next to the fridge, then Biggie needs to punish him.


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