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Mdletshe's no ordinary rapper

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Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

One musician who keeps on shining is hip-hop star and rapper Zweli Mdletshe.

Famously known as Tsheksa, Mdletshe, who lives in Richards Bay in KwaZulu-Natal, is making it very big in his home town.

Unlike many musicians who move to Johannesburg, hoping to make it in the congested music league, Mdletshe has chosen to remain at home.

"I think it's all about knowing what people want," Mdletshe says. "If your music is good enough it will touch people wherever they are.

"I am trying to show other musicians and artists that you can make it anywhere if you believe in yourself." .

He recently released his third offering called Amatsheketshe Avukile.

Listening to the album it is obvious that the 32-year-old rapper has a bright future in the entertainment business.

Sung in isiZulu, with a little bit of English, his album has very exciting beats. Unlike many other rappers, whose lyrics are full of insults and swearing, Mdletshe's music is clean.

Mdletshe says: "My music accommodates all generations. I don't insult people or use vulgar language that will offend people, especially older people."

Rapping in his mother tongue will not stop Mdletshe from singing internationally.

"Writing songs in the language I grew up with helps me to put the message across easily," he says.

"I have always wanted to be different. I don't want to follow people."

Mdletshe's music is inspired by simple things such as personal experiences, love and general events affecting people.

Though his professional career started six years ago, Mdletshe has been writing songs since 1993.

"I started by writing poems and I decided to turn it into rap music," he explains. "Since rap was not all that well known in South Africa at that time I also joined gospel choirs and scathamiya groups."

His solo career started in 2003 with the album Isihlahla Sendlela, which was followed by Isiqalo Sesiphetho in 2005.

Last year he formed his own recording label called Tshekza Records.


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