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Thami 'the drunk skunk' is a real guzzler

By unknown | Oct 03, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Sibongile Mashaba

Sibongile Mashaba

Thami, "the drunk skunk", has picked on everyone in the Big Brother house, demanding that they buy alcohol and not "chocolate bars and potato chips".

The South African is just not happy with the shopping priorities of the other housemates and wants more booze.

On Wednesday night he went on and on about alcohol and drowned his sorrows in it.

"No potato chips, no chocolate bars. That's my point," he shouted repeatedly. "I'm drunk as a skunk."

The evicted Lucille and Hazel became the centre of an argument he had with Uti. Thami told Uti that he was a coward because the Nigerian failed to tell Lucille how he felt about her. Thami also claimed to be more manly.

Trying to hit back, Uti claimed Thami was scared of Hazel but Thami retorted: "I know where I stand."

Hazel has told Thami that she is not into the idea of a long-distance relationship Thami wants with her.

Thami pushed for a situation in which they could just be together in the house to "keep each other company". Hazel found the idea unpleasant.

While all of this was happening, TK and Sheila were all cosy on the couch, kissing and cuddling.

Trying to recover from an all- night drinking spree, Thami spent the morning drinking coffee yesterday while the other housemates were exercising.

The task to redecorate the penthouse has put a strain on the housemates, resulting in a divided house. They blame Biggie for it.

For the task, they were divided into two groups. The blue team consists of three housemates who are up for eviction on Sunday - Munya, Ricco and Uti - Takondwa [TK] and Sheila.

Thami, Hazel, Tawana, Mimi and Morris make up the yellow team.


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