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They're watching their backs in BBA3

By unknown | Oct 01, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Sibongile Mashaba

Sibongile Mashaba

Things are really starting to hot up in the Big Brother Africa 3 house.

Now housemates do not trust Takondwa, aka TK, from Zambia who is Head of House (HoH) for the second week in a row.

This is creating tension and distrust. Everyone is looking over their shoulder.

On Monday the housemates nominated who should leave the house and stated their reasons.

Uti from Nigeria, who was up for eviction last week, was nominated three times. And he only has himself to blame. He trashed furniture in the house on Sunday just after BBA3 host, KB, announced that Lucille had been voted out.

TK said: "Uti, because of the tantrum he threw, breaking stuff and whatever. It makes me wonder what else he is capable of when he loses his temper. He can probably hurt someone, so I really do not think he should be here anymore."

Munya nominated TK because "he took out the only person in the house that kept me here . My guardian angel".

Wonder if he will ever get over Lucille and forgive TK?

Munya, Uti and Ricco are up for eviction this Sunday. TK was nominated four times but as HoH he can replace himself or any other housemate. He decided to replace himself with Ricco.

"Same reason I chose Lucille. After this Sunday, Ricco seems to be a strong competitor, so he probably won't be the one to come out. It will be between Munya and Uti."

None of the housemates know that TK has replaced himself with Ricco. They will find out on Sunday.

This week's task involves art direction as the housemates are given the opportunity to change their living space into whatever they want. They have to redecorate the penthouse they have been moved to.

Last week when he was faced with the same situation, TK sacrificed Namibia's Lucille to see another week in the house. The knives are out to get him anyway because here he is again, saving himself after nominations.


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