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It's high time the voters took on the ANC

By unknown | Oct 01, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The after effects of Polokwane are cutting deep into the veins of the ANC.

The after effects of Polokwane are cutting deep into the veins of the ANC.

First it was the premiers of Western Cape and Eastern Cape to fall - even though the purging of Thabo Mbeki supporters has been denied by the ANC leadership.

On Monday, Gauteng's premier, Mbhazima Shilowa, resigned - and now there are strong rumours that the Free State and Limpopo premiers will follow him.

The Zuma-led ANC fails to understand what democracy is all about. There are losers and winners in any party election and the winners shouldn't have to purge the losers, who were only exercising their democratic right.

Another embarrassment to the people of South Africa is the clown Julius Malema, who continues to be a law unto himself. He is disrespectful even to his senior leaders. He should shut up.

The ANC is taking the voters for a ride and it is high time the voters apply their minds to the forthcoming elections and remove the ruling party from power.

The best gift to South Africa would be for those ANC members who believe in the Constitution to form a new political party. This is the best way to ensure that Jacob Zuma does not become the president of the country.

It is undesirable to have one party holding an absolute majority because service delivery fails to concern them.

Thetjeng Motlatjo, DA MP, Cape Town


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