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Security guards get two years’ pay after being fired for being women

Twenty-eight female guards were unfairly dismissed by a security company because the client‚ Metrora.

police stop 'terror gang' in its track

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Ntwaagae Seleka

Ntwaagae Seleka

Johannesburg police are having a tough task trying to identify two murdered men after a gang went on a six-day kidnapping, rape, robbery and murder spree.

First the gang of five, which included two teenagers aged 14 and 16, kidnapped two women job-seekers at Lenasia South.

They gang-raped them several times in the veld before taking them to a derelict house in Meriting township and held them as sex slaves.

They then ambushed and hacked to death three men who arrived at the derelict house.

Police believe the men could have gone there to either rescue the women or to check on the house.

"We have arrested them. They are a dangerous lot," said Inspector Mpho Kgasoane.

"We are investigating other crimes that they might have committed."

Apart from being raped, the women were robbed of their belongings including cellphones and money.

"The 14-year-old teen was always made to keep guard over the women in the disused house while the gang members went out to commit other crimes," she said.

All five criminals were arrested when police received a tip-off and raided the house.

"For them [the women] it was six days of hell.

"They were repeatedly gang-raped while they were kept there," Kgasoane said.

So far, police have been able to identify only one of the dead men. But they are not releasing his name because the family is refusing to give them permission to do so. The other two men remain unknown.

Kgasoane said the women were kidnapped at gunpoint while walking the streets of Lenasia looking for jobs. The women were kidnapped on July 2 and only rescued on the evening of July 8.

Elias Mokgatla, 23, Michael Motloung, 21, and Kenneth Montsho, 30, and the two teenagers appeared briefly in the Vereeniging magistrate's court yesterday.

They are charged with multiple rape, three counts of murder, kidnapping and several counts of robbery and theft.


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