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Thula's gum makes him very chewsy

By unknown | Sep 18, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Just back from a whirlwind trip to Nigeria as one of the VIP guest designers for Nigera's Next Top Model, which took place during Nigerian Fashion Week, Thula Sindi needed a bit of freshening up.

We asked him to taste five different brands of spearmint chewing gum for freshness, taste, consistency and longevity.

"Hhhm," he says, munching on his first piece of gum from the Mentos flat pack.

"The gum gives you that satisfying pop as you force it out of its foil packaging, but this kind of presentation is inconvenient for a guy to carry because it doesn't fit easily into your pocket."

He finds that the Mentos gum has a strong flavour that isn't too overpowering or chemical.

"My throat felt clear, but my eyes didn't water and it didn't taste too much like toothpaste."

He continues chewing avidly.

"Each piece is a really good size and the gum is a good chewy texture that retains its flavour so that you can comfortably chew it for a long time."

The next gum is Dentyne Ice.

It has a minty flavour, but is not as much fun to chew as the Mentos.

"It's harder, not so gummy and the piece is far smaller than the last.

"It keeps falling apart as I try to chew and I have to keep adding spit, which is a problem if your mouth is dry.

"This gum has a ceramic texture once the candy coating has been crunched, but wait, as you chew for longer it gets better."

The next brand has a more traditionally minty flavour and tastes more like mouthwash, according to Sindi.

Stimerol clears your nostrils and is less sweet.

"It has an initial blast but loses its flavour very quickly. It seems to say, 'I've done my job thank you!'."

The Beechies offering is arbitrary after the Stimirol burst, says Sindi.

"This is the PG version of all the gums. It's sweet, not very minty and has shrivelled up already and gone to sleep."

And his favourite brand?


Eclipse is the strongest, most flavour-strong and best all-round piece of gum.

Sindi says that the coating comes off evenly and is absorbed into the taste. The flavour lasts and it freshens up your breath.

The only disappointment is that he can't blow bubbles.


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