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mom fumes over reed dance 'rape'

By unknown | Sep 18, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

The 14-year-old girl who was allegedly gang-raped by five men while attending the Reed Dance ceremony was made to pay a R10 virginity testing fee after her traumatic ordeal.

This was revealed yesterday by the girl's mother, who has also accused the organisers and police of not informing her about the incident. "The woman in charge of the girls from this community has not even come to check on how my daughter is coping," the distraught mother said.

After receiving treatment at St Benedictine Hospital, the girl was taken back to eNyokeni palace in a police van.

The mother said her daughter had told her that she was forced to pay the R10 fee for the virginity certificate.

This was after she had reported to her virginity inspector that she had been raped.

"The virginity inspector demanded the R10 fee to issue the certificate, knowing very well that my daughter had been raped," the mother said.

Attempts to contact the virginity inspector for comment on the allegations were unsuccessful.

The mother said her daughter had told her she was accosted by five men while waiting for a taxi. The men dragged her and forced her to go with them.

They then went on to rape her. "I am disgusted and hurt. She was attending the Reed Dance for the first time and I was very proud of her for attending.

"She only told me about the incident when she came back home on Sunday."

After they had raped her, the men went to steal cellphones elsewhere. They were, however, caught and assaulted by locals and were taken to the hospital where the girl was being examined. The girl recognised two of them.

Two suspects have since been arrested. One of them appeared in court on Tuesday, while the other will appear as soon as he is discharged from hospital.

Police spokesman Vusi Mbatha said they had launched a manhunt for the other suspects.

Royal household spokesman Prince Mbonisi Zulu said yesterday they could not comment about the incident until an investigation that they had launched as the royal house was completed.

The girl was raped at 8pm on Saturday after the Reed Dance.


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