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village heads refusE family burial rights

By unknown | Sep 12, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

The family of a man who drowned two weeks ago after his fishing boat capsized are unable to bury him in the village graveyard.

Induna Vhangani Mmbubana told Sowetan yesterday that his decision was informed by by-laws governing funerals in his village.

And village headman Tshitomboni Makoba said the family of Walter Mungungoni, who drowned in a Thohoyandou dam, must first pay R1000.

Mmbubana backed him up and was adamant the burial would not take place unless the money was paid in full. A family spokesman laughed off the threats.

Alpheus Ndoweni Dzivhani said the induna was beginning to be a law unto himself.

He said the family had vowed to go ahead with the burial, with or without the induna's approval.

Dzivhani said Mmbubana had a tendency to institute laws only with his council without first consulting with the subjects he represents.

Mungungoni drowned in a crocodile infested dam two weeks ago and his body washed up only six days later because the police were too scared to dive in and search for it.


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