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‘How varsity protest forced me to live in a shelter’

The Fees Must Fall protests had dire consequences for café employee Eddie at the University of Cape .

my wife cheated on me - mbuli

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Cecil Motsepe

Cecil Motsepe

"People's Poet" Mzwakhe Mbuli has been keeping a dark secret that has eventually led to the collapse of his 15-year marriage.

Mbuli revealed for the first time that his estranged wife Nomsa had been cheating on him while he was languishing in jail for armed robbery.

"I can safely say that she cheated on me," says Mbuli.

The mudslinging game comes as the estranged couple prepare to lock horns in a bitter divorce battle.

Mbuli said: "There are a lot of stories which came to me while I was in jail. People told me that she was driving around in a mysterious Mercedes Benz.

"I did not want to entertain them because I would become depressed ."

Earlier this year, it was reported that the couple owed the Joburg council R200000 for rates and services for their house in Mondeor.

Mbuli is now accusing Nomsa of having blown more than R190000 while their house accumulated a huge debt.

This had prompted Mbuli and his lawyer, Mphafolane Koma, to launch an investigation.

"At first she claimed she used the money to pay my band. When my band members submitted affidavits to the effect that they only received R1000 each, she then claimed she used the money to pay for her cervical cancer treatment."

Koma told Sowetan that Nomsa had failed to produce medical bills to support her claims.

He said shocking details of what Mbuli's wife did would be revealed in the Johannesburg high court within a few weeks.

When contacted for comment, Nomsa said: "I am tired of what Mzwakhe is doing. If you want to publish the story just go ahead. It is your discretion.

"I will only respond when he puts the allegations in court."

Nomsa added that she was not surprised as Mbuli had made many other startling allegations against her.

"If that is how he wants to handle this divorce, it is up to him.

It is up to you guys if you want to destroy me," she said.


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