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Order restored at Sun City Prison after fiery protest over inmates’ TVs

Correctional Services said that “matters are under control” at Johannesburg’s Sun City Prison on Wed.

'Son fire-hosed by mom's workmate'

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Penwell Dlamini

Penwell Dlamini

A distressed North West woman has taken a white colleague to the equality court for allegedly spraying her two-year-old son with a high pressure hosepipe.

Kagiso Mafilika, 30, who together with her colleague Kyle Langham work for the Sun City Emergency Services, approached the equality court at the Mankwe magistrate's court to report a case of discrimination.

Langham, 28, allegedly fire-hosed Mafilika's two-year-old son in the presence of five of his colleagues, said Mafilika.

Langham, on the other hand, laid a similar charge of discrimination against Mafilika, alleging she verbally abused him.

Mafilika's case has already been heard in court and both matters will continue on September 17.

Langham claimed that Mafilika verbally abused him during the incident, saying that she always corrected "my reports because I cannot write".

According to Mafilika, Langham assaulted her son and was not remorseful when she caught him in act.

"I heard the child scream and when I walked out I saw Langham with a high pressure hosepipe spraying my son and five other white colleagues were laughing at the sight," said Mafilika.

Mafilika alleges that when she confronted Langham he was rude saying "you think you are untouchable and you will be like Botha".

[Henny] Botha was a manager at the hotel and was allegedly fired for threatening one of his staff members.


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