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Sivhidzho's startling prayer time denial

By unknown | Sep 04, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

Mulalo Sivhidzho shocked everyone when out of the blue she said "I don't know Ntambudzeni" during a family prayer.

This evidence given in the Johannesburg high court by Dzudzanani Netshisaulu, the mother of Sivhidzho's husband, Avhatakali, whom she allegedly plotted to kill.

"After a short prayer, as soon as we said amen, she uttered the words, 'I don't know Ntambudzeni'. She said it twice," Netshisaulu said.

Ntambudzeni Matsenene is the man Sivhidzho allegedly conspired with to kill her husband, the son of City Press editor-in-chief Mathatha Tsedu.

Matsenene is a distant cousin and was Avhatakali's business partner.

But Sivhidzho said she had only met him once before her husband was killed.

The state alleges that the two spent three months planning the murder. They are charged with Johannes Arnold Sello.

Netshisaulu, the main state witness, has been under cross-examination by defence counsel Christo Meiring.

Yesterday she told the court that at first she did not believe her daughter-in-law could have killed her son.

That is why she visi- ted her in jail and brought her food and clothes.

"She told me the police had asked her why she was first on the crime scene and how she had known where her husband's burning car was."

"She told me that she had answered that 'it was because I was lucky,'" said Netshisaulu.

Netshisaulu also told the court that before he died, her son had told her that he had married Sivhidzho out of community of property.

The trial continues.


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