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Chrysler's Voyager goes grander

By unknown | Sep 03, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Bruce Fraser

Bruce Fraser

It was a busy week for the team at Chrysler SA last week with back-to-back launches over consecutive days.

First launched 25 years ago, the Grand Voyager has had a stranglehold on the MPV market over the years and its latest generation looks set to confirm its strong positioning.

Chrysler claim there are 30 new features on the new Voyager. These range from heated front and second row seats - which were definitely welcome during a freezing couple of days in Eastern Cape - through to improved storage compartments throughout the vehicle.

Engine-wise the most significant change is the new six-speed automatic transmission that will be available on both the 3,8-litre petrol and the 2,8-litre diesel turbo.

Interior-wise it is a treasure trove of goodies. Most significant is the "Swivel 'n Go" and "Store 'n Go" seating facilities.

The Grand Voyager is a seven-seater, with the middle two seats having the ability to swivel around 180 degrees so a passenger can face the third row of seats.

Also available is a removable table that neatly fits in between the second and third rows and can easily be stored away. Quite handy I suppose on long trips and passengers wish to pass the time by playing cards or similar.

Worth noting also is that the second and third row of seats can be stored away below the floor to give a completely flat surface if you need to transport certain goodies.

Chrysler have gone big on the infotainment capabilities of the vehicle. It is possible for passengers in the second row to watch different movies to those in the third row or to play games while those in the back row watch movies.

The surround-sound system is tops. With 10 speakers scattered throughout the vehicle the acoustics definitely raise the bar in the music stakes.

There is no doubt the Grand Voyager is aimed at the up-market consumer and ranges in price from R329900 through to R439900. By no means cheap, but the specifications on all the vehicles are high.

A short time behind the wheel proved the vehicle to be driver-friendly. It's an unusual vehicle and I'm sure those who purchase one will be very happy with everything it comes with.


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