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Honour Durban's true heroes

By unknown | Sep 02, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

During a recent radio interview about the controversial Durban name changes, city manager Mike Sutcliffe rather pompously stated that he was continually being thanked and congratulated by ratepayers and overseas visitors for implementing the recent changes.

Sutcliffe claimed that the name changes now begin to reflect Durban as it should be and that he and the city's people will be immensely proud of the privilege and opportunity to finally honour the true locals, as well as international heroes, while discarding the "unwanted" colonial names.

Perhaps the seemingly "clueless" Sutcliffe was referring to someone like Edwin Swales VC, as a colonial name that needed discarding. According to Sutcliffe's reasoning, the people of Durban will be proud to honour the local "hero" bomber of innocent people, Andrew Zondo, in place of real heroes such as Edwin Swales.

Another name we people of Durban apparently will be "proud to honour" is Che Guevara. This despite the fact that in a recent documentary, shown on the world-respected History television channel, Guevara is portrayed as apparently having enjoyed his role in ordering the execution, after summary trials, of thousands of suspected collaborators during and after the Cuban revolution. Many later proved to be totally innocent.

Because of the distasteful way Sutcliffe and his ANC council cronies - some of whom, according to a recent countrywide survey, might even be "illiterate" - have continuously ignored the name change objections of a significantly large section of Durban's ratepayers.

The ANC-led eThekwini council is now being seen as an amusing joke throughout South Africa.

Many of us can only hope and pray that one day soon Sutcliffe and his lackeys will also be unceremoniously discarded by a concerned voting public and that the honour of Durban will be truly restored.

Frank Hartry,



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