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‘How varsity protest forced me to live in a shelter’

The Fees Must Fall protests had dire consequences for café employee Eddie at the University of Cape .

New meaning to blind date

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The Usuzwile Mkhozi crew has always insisted that English ha'etshwane le sekgowa.

The Usuzwile Mkhozi crew has always insisted that English ha'etshwane le sekgowa.

Here's why...

Top 10 English words only black South Africans know the proper meaning of:

10. Groovy

Real meaning: Very pleasing

Black meaning: 340ml soft drink can;

9. Cold drink (pronounced coldrink)

Real meaning: Opposite of hot drink

Black meaning: Any soft drink, especially Coke;

8. Scuff tin

Real meaning: Scuff - Mark resulting from scraping; Tin - can

Black meaning: Lunch box;

7. Ball pen (pronounced bolpen)

Real meaning: Ball point pen

Black meaning: Any pen;

6. I'm sure (pronounced Amsho)

Real meaning: I'm certain

Black meaning: Maybe;

5. Gym Dress (pronounced jimdress)

Real meaning: Gym - gymnasium; Dress - Women's clothing

Black meaning: Girls' school dress or uniform;

4. Double up (pronounced Dablap)

Real meaning: Twice as much in size

Black meaning: Short cut;

3. Straight Back

Real meaning: Extending continuously in a backwards direction without curving

Black meaning: Corn rows;

2. Relax

Real meaning: Calm down

Black meaning: Chemical hair straightening;

And the prize goes to...

1. Pushback

Real meaning: Cause to move back by force or influence

Black meaning: Very popular hairstyle where hair is combed away from face.

Lifetime award winners:

l Growth

Real Meaning - Process of growing

Black Meaning - The natural hair when your hair hasn't been relaxed in a long time

l Blind

Real meaning - Lacking sight

Black meaning - Very bad as in "real bad", and can also be understood to mean very good, or sharp!


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