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Crime to take centre stage at Durban women's forum

By unknown | Aug 29, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Mary Papayya

Mary Papayya

Women from various sectors throughout the country will gather in Durban today to refocus on the role women play in fighting crime.

Project coordinator Cindy Delomoney said the meeting was not only to recognise the role women play in fighting crime but to also celebrate the successful work of the Justice and Restoration Project (Jarp) at Phoenix, one of the biggest townships outside Durban.

The project provides an alternative approach to petty and minor criminal offences, she said.

"It introduces the victim and the offender to the restorative justice option. Both individuals get to face each other and through mediation resolve their differences."

She said in some instances the community was drawn into the conflict, especially if the case involved a collective offence.

Since Phoenix Jarp opened last year, the centre had mediated 2059 cases that were referred to it by the Phoenix and Verulam courts, the police, and schools in the area.

The majority of the cases were successfully resolved through the implementation of restorative justice principles, she said

This has helped to relieve the courts of cases relating to offences such as crimen injuria and common assault.

"Women have been significant role players through all aspects of the criminal justice system that facilitated the successes," she said.

"They belonged to the Departments of Justice, Education and Social Development, the National Prosecuting Authority and the South Africa Police service."


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