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'College' chief loses his cool

By unknown | Aug 29, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Kingdom Mabuza

Kingdom Mabuza

The chief executive and staff of a college Sowetan had exposed as a pyramid scheme kidnapped and frog-marched our reporter to Orlando police station yesterday.

Sane Salif, of the African Gainako Poverty Alleviation Project in Orlando East, Soweto, turned the heat on us when he noticed Vusi Ndlovu among a delegation from the government who visited the project.

He first chased out the officials from the Social Development Department. When he noticed Ndlovu among the officials, he and his staff pounced.

There was drama as Ndlovu was marched to the police station.

A defiant and arrogant Salif demanded to speak to the station commissioner and tried to order police to arrest Ndlovu.

"You must arrest this criminal. I want to see the station commissioner now!" demanded Salif.

One of the teachers who had accompanied Salif to the police station phoned students from the college to come and demonstrate outside the station.

As students made their way from the college in Mooki Street to the police station, one of them was knocked down by a car.

Salif and his teachers were angered by a story written by Ndlovu last week exposing the college as a pyramid scheme.

During his investigation Ndlovu registered for a call centre course. He paid R17 for the notes, and another R34 to register two friends. The college demands that students pay R17 for the notes, R175 for a certificate and R225 for a computer course.

Ndlovu said: "We found two staff members in the office. When Salif arrived he ordered us to leave.

"When he saw me he got mad and manhandled me. He grabbed my notebook, which he gave to one of the teachers. They said they were going to lay a charge of intimidation against me."


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