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Not paying debtor makes client's case much weaker

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Never stop paying a debt to compel a service provider to rectify a mistake. Ndivhuwo Ralineba learnt this lesson the hard way.

Never stop paying a debt to compel a service provider to rectify a mistake. Ndivhuwo Ralineba learnt this lesson the hard way.

He also learnt how important it is to read a document and the fine print thoroughly before signing it.

In 2005, when Ralineba bought a Chevrolet Aveo LS, he did not check the documents the bank had sent him to confirm that the institution had financed his vehicle and that he should start paying the monthly instalments.

It was only in February this year that he discovered he had been paying for a Chevrolet Aveo LT, though he was driving a less expensive model.

Ralineba says he has been miserable for the past seven months while Wesbank has given him the run-around.

The offer to purchase he signed at the Nissan dealership reflects the correct model and sales amount, but the bank captured and financed a Chev Aveo, a more expensive car, he says.

His home address and the model of the car was incorrectly captured by Wesbank, which has passed the buck to the dealers, Ralineba said.

"The dealer had sent the correct information to the bank, which somehow captured the information incorrectly and preju- diced me," he says.

To force the bank to reconcile his account, Ralineba decided not to pay his monthly instalments. The bank repossessed his car.

"My understanding is that the bank fraudulently changed my details to approve the deal and that concerns me as a customer because I went to the bank in good faith," he says.

"I believed the bank can determine or analyse the risk that might occur if a person is unable to repay the money

"I am very angry with the bank. Instead of admitting that one of their staff members had committed fraud, the bank is saying it was an admin error on a contract. It's very wrong for them to do that.

"This admin error has cost me a lot of money and the bank is not willing to rectify it."

Though Ralineba's complaint remains unresolved, Laura Brown of Wesbank assured Consumer Line the matter had been sorted out.

"I would like to inform you that we have made contact with our customer Hamilton Ralineba and we have resolved the attached complaint," said Brown, without elaborating.

But Ralineba is still aggrieved.

"Brown is lying through her teeth," he insists.

"My complaint is still unresolved. I have no car. It's still with them and my account has still not been reconciled."

The lesson to learn from Ralineba is to on no account ever stop paying a loan.

Pay your installments regularly to avoid your name being sent to the credit bureau as a slow payer or non-payer.

Withholding payment will only jeopardise your case further, interest will accrue to the loan and, as in Ralineba's case, your car will be repossessed.

Consumer Line would like to stress to its readers that it is much easier to resolve the complaint of a paying consumer than it is of a non-paying one.


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