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Up close and personal with medal sensation

By unknown | Aug 22, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

MN: Do you think your name should be mentioned in the same breath as that of SA athletes who fail to deliver here.

MN: Do you think your name should be mentioned in the same breath as that of SA athletes who fail to deliver here.

KM: We came here as Team South Africa and not as individuals.

We prepared together and whatever we achieve here will be through a collective effort. My team-mates have motivated me a lot and I succeeded through their support.

MN: Granted, you were already popular after winning medals in other competitions, but winning one in the Olympics has made you more popular. How will you deal with this back home?

KM: That will not change my attitude. I will still go to the townships to eat kota (a quarter loaf of bread stuffed with chips, polony, atchaar and so on).

I will continue to mingle with my childhood friends and fans eKasi and listen to my hip-pop, kwaito and house music.

MN: Maybe this is an opportune time for you to propose marriage to your girlfriend?

KM: Though I hope to have a wife and family in the future, the idea of marriage has not yet crossed my mind. I'm 23 and still focusing on my career.

MN: Do you have someone special in your life?

KM: [He was reluctant to answer] I'm seeing somebody from Soweto but I don't want to mention her name to avoid putting pressure on her.

MN: Is this Soweto woman the first person you are going to meet when you arrive in SA?

KM: The first people I'm going to meet will be my parents and siblings. We are going to have a family celebratory party.

I will then throw a street bash to celebrate with my friends. I can't wait to be in Mzansi.

MN: Will the celebration end here?

KM: No, because I want to take my partner out to a movie. We will also do many things together. But I will not overdo things because I should be back at training to prepare for the 2012 London Olympics.

MN: Do you still live with your parents?

KM: I have moved out to a townhouse in Pretoria. This is closer to the High Performance Centre for training.

MN: What style of clothing do you like?

KM: If you know how hip-pop artists dress then you know me.

But sometimes I'm forced by circumstances to wear formal clothes. I feel comfortable in whatever I wear, though.

MN: Do you think we can win more medals from our remaining athletes in the Games?

KM: We should always be positive in life because negative thinking will take us nowhere.

I have confidence in those who still have to compete and we need to give them all our support.


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