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Even after arrest grieving mother helped son's widow

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Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

Dzudzanani Netshisaulu supported her son's widow even after Mulalo Sivhidzho was arrested and accused of murdering her son.

Netshisaulu, 53, the mother of murdered Avhatakali Netshisaulu, 31, told the court that she visited Sivhidzho twice at the police cells on the day after she was arrested.

Avhatakali's father, Mathatha Tsedu, organised a lawyer for Sivhidzho.

Sivhidzho and her co-accused, Ntabudzeni Matsenene and Arnold Sello, are on trial in the Johannesburg high court for the murder of Avhatakali.

He was found burnt beyond recognition in the boot of his car, just minutes after he had called his wife in December 2006 and told her he thought he was being hijacked.

Recalling the events of that day Netshisaulu said: "She told me the police had exhausted her, assaulted her. She was looking down but I could see her face. It looked the same though she said the police almost killed her."

Netshisaulu returned to the police station to give Sivhidzho food and clothes.

On her return home Netshisaulu was phoned by Tsedu, who sounded angry and told her about an SMS he'd received from Sivhidzho.

The SMS, read out in court, said: "Father-in-lawwe buried Avhatakali ... thank you without you I could not make it. I don't know if everything went in order but we did bury (him) without your presence.

"Part one passed then we must go to part two, the materials part. Materials put us Christians into temptations and do evil things to get materials of this world.

"I need your help ... to work to gather (sic) we need to trust each other. I trust you, but ... do you trust me? Sometimes I feel like you are my real dad I want our relationship to continue forever regardless what happens. You mean everything to me."

Netshisaulu said this sounded like a confession to her.

Sivhidzho's defence counsel Christo Meiring is expected to be cross-examine Netshisaulu today.


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