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Mpho's showtime to relax, letthe beat play on

By unknown | Aug 14, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Mpho Maboi hosts the morning show on YFM from 10am to noon. It is the perfect time to relax, play music and enjoy a late morning cuppa with a home-style South African tradition.

Her show, Menage a Trois, promises an escape from the office, school or being bored while at home with kicking music, lots of energy and a very interactive show.

To keep her energy levels up, we asked Maboi to taste some muesli rusks, a wholesome treat established during the depression years.

Maboi could easily distinguish the various ingredients of the different rusks, and to our amazement when we checked the boxes she was always right.

"I can taste the normal muesli ingredients in the Spar brand," she said. There are raisins, oats and bran, and chopped nuts of an indistinguishable variety but no extraordinary tastes that stand out."

She found the Spar rusks to be crunchy but not particularly homely. "This brand does not taste home-made or made from a particular recipe. They taste kind of bland and factory made."

The packaging didn't really appeal to this funky DJ though she liked the fact that the box was a little smaller than the others, making it easier to carry to work.

"I would only buy these if I was really in the mood for rusks. They are very plain. Not impressive at all," she said.

Maboi wasn't overly impressed by the Pick 'n Pay No Name Brand muesli rusks either. "They're too dry, even after they've been dunked," she said. "The tea doesn't seem to absorb easily."

Taste-wise Maboi thought these rusks weren't that special. "Not bad, not great," was her definitive comment.

Next Maboi tasted the classic Nola Ouma brand, made to the same recipe used by Ouma Greyvensteyn in the small Eastern Cape town of Molteno since 1939. "I can taste the crunchiness produced by real peanuts," she said.

After checking the ingredients we found that she was right.

"I'd put the fact that they're full of nuts in large letters on the box," she advised. "Lots of people are allergic to nuts. Ouma rusks won't let you down.

"These are really nice," Mpho says of the Woolworths homestyle bran rusks. "They have a buttermilk taste that I can really pick up. I like the fact that you can see them through the packet. They are delicious, although I'd say they're probably sweeter than your traditional rusk."

Now that we've sugared-up this hot DJ for her morning slot, she's ready for some 'rusky' business in her Menage a Trois.


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