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SACP calls for Brown's removal

By unknown | Aug 07, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Anna Majavu

Anna Majavu

The Western Cape region of the South African Communist Party wants the ANC national executive committee to reverse the recent appointment of Lynne Brown as the province's premier.

Brown replaced Ebrahim Rasool who the ANC asked to step down - accusing him of failing to run the province effectively.

Yesterday SACP provincial chairman Karl Cloete said the party was only informed in a 10-minute meeting that Brown had been chosen as the candidate to replace Rasool.

Cloete said the SACP was concerned that if they did not insist on being consulted now, they would not be included when the candidate list for next year's general election was drawn up.

The SACP also called on the ANC national leadership to "deal with factionalism, and a scrambling for access to power so as to advance self-interest and personal gain, which in large measure has become a dominant feature in the ANC politics of the Western Cape province".

ANC provincial spokesman Garth Strachan said the best place to discuss alliance issues was in the alliance structures.

But ANC national spokesman Jessie Duarte said there would be no reversals.

"The ANC secretary general [Gwede Mantashe] will talk to the ANC in the Western Cape to see what we can do.

"The constitution is very clear - the selection of premiers is the NEC's responsibility," she said.

Brown's spokesman Ann Wentzel said Brown did not know that the SACP was calling for her removal as premier.


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