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Order restored at Sun City Prison after fiery protest over inmates’ TVs

Correctional Services said that “matters are under control” at Johannesburg’s Sun City Prison on Wed.


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Ido Lekota

Ido Lekota

The ANC Youth League has called on its mother body to fire President Thabo Mbeki.

"The president of the Republic must be recalled and we will further engage the national executive committee of the ANC on the possibility of calling an early general election," said a youth league statement released after its national executive committee meeting at the weekend.

Youth league spokesman Maropene Ntuli said Mbeki was "a chief deployee" [sic] of the ANC and it was within the party's powers to recall him.

She said the decision to recall Mbeki was based, among other things, on the national prosecuting authority's decision to recharge ANC president Jacob Zuma and last week's constitutional court decision against him.

Last week the Constitutional Court ruled against Zuma's attempt to declare raids conducted on his premises illegal.

The national prosecuting authority has documents seized during the raids in its possession and they are expected to form part of the evidence in Zuma's corruption trial.

The court also rejected Zuma's attempt to stop the Mauritian authorities from handing over documents seized from the premises of French arms company Thint.

Thint has benefited from the government's multi-billion arms deal. Zuma is alleged to have solicited a R500 000 bribe from it.

Ntuli said the youth league held Mbeki directly responsible for the decision made by the constitutional court because the judges were his appointees.

"We believe what is happening to Zuma is not only an attack on the ANC but on the revolution - which we are committed to defend," Ntuli said.

The youth league also reaffirmed its support for Zuma, saying not only would he lead the ANC election campaign but "he will become the country's next president".


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