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Boxing is not child's play

By unknown | Aug 04, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Boxing is a very hard yet exciting sport.

Boxing is a very hard yet exciting sport.

It takes real men to become fighters. This sport requires dedication, sacrifices and most importantly respect from participants, followers and the public in general.

Training is tormenting. Mind you this is everyday's suffering. Everything is a test of character.

It starts with the mean look you get as you walk through the door of the gym in your first day. Nobody talks to you. You greet, and quickly look around for a space you can squeeze into to change into your training gear and get ready for your workout.

The trainer you met last week when you told him about your intentions is not the same man you see in the gym. His facial expression as he orders all of you to begin skipping shows he means serious business. You soon find out that your assumption about skipping being easy, was wrong. It's very difficult.

Your trainer wants to assess you. He then orders to work on the punching bag. That too looks like a piece of cake from a distance.

You let go bombs with all your power, the bag sways from one end to the other and you are convinced that you are happening. Sooner than you had thought, your arms are aching and they want to give in. You quickly understand that three minutes per round is no child's play.

You are told to loosen up. Then your first session is over. You are dog tired. Every single muscle in your body is sore but the smell of sweat and glove gives you a sense of fulfilment.

You are proud of yourself. Whether you go back or walk away is a story for another day but one thing is for sure, boxing has earned your respect. That is what it is all about. And some fighters will soon realise that they too must respect this sport.

Are you looking forward to your next work out which involves few rounds of sparring?


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