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'My lover knowingly infected me with HIV '

By unknown | Jul 28, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Mfundekelwa Mkhulisi

Mfundekelwa Mkhulisi

A woman from Midrand has opened a case against her boyfriend, whom she claims deliberately infected her with HIV.

Thembi Mokoena, 35, (not her real name) said her live-in lover at the time, Lawrence Mnithi, 50, (not his real name) lied about his HIV status.

Mnithi is a high-ranking official in the South African Air Force in Pretoria.

Mokoena said they had known each other for a year when she moved in with Mnithi in November.

"Mnithi desperately wanted to have a child and we decided to have sex without a condom," Mokoena said. "We both agreed to take HIV tests and mine came back negative.

"When I asked about his status he told me he was negative because he had recently been tested."

Midrand police confirmed yesterday that Mokoena had opened a case of sexual, physical and verbal assault against Mnithi.

"He infected me knowingly because when I asked him about his status he said he had recently tested negative," she said.

Mokoena said though Mnithi failed to produce proof of his status, she had trusted him. She said things turned sour when she suspected that she was pregnant and went for the test.

"I tested positive and I knew he had infected me because he was the only person I was sleeping with," she said.

She said Mnithi became arrogant and abusive when she confronted him.

Mnithi responded by saying: "That woman wants to destroy my career. She first went to People Opposing Woman Abuse (Powa) and now she is using the newspapers."

He said he could not be blamed for Mokoena's status because "every adult has a responsibility over their wellbeing".

"I have not tested yet but we do it annually since it is required at work," he said.

Aids Law Project director Mark Heywood said: "It is difficult to win such cases because it is difficult to prove in court if it was really the accused who infected the complainant."


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