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I'm drowning in debt

By unknown | Jul 28, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I am a divorced woman with two children, one in high school and the other in primary school.

I am a divorced woman with two children, one in high school and the other in primary school.

My ex-husband is a deadbeat who has never paid a cent of maintenance, and I have given up trying to get anything out of him.

With school fees, the bond, rising food and fuel prices, and so on, I find battling to make it every month.

I know it was silly, but I have spent on credit cards and accounts to try to give my family a good life.

Now I pay some bills one month and skip others, and then pay this one and that one, and I am just getting more and more into debt. My children are at private schools and the costs are killing me.

What can I do to get myself out of this mess?

I am expecting a double cheque at Christmas and we had planned to use the money for a holiday, so I don't want to disappoint the children. But, the amount I get will settle the debt I have piled up and I think it would be wiser to put the money into that.

Debt-ridden, Johannesburg

Sister, do NOT be tempted to spend a single cent of your annual bonus on anything but clearing your debt. Holidays can wait. All luxuries and spoils can wait.

Fuel and food prices will continue to rise and so will school fees, so unless you clear this debt you will find yourself getting into an even messier situation and owing more and more. And if that goes on and on, you will eventually stand to lose your home and everything you have worked so hard to accumulate.

Settle your accounts and debts in full, clear your credit cards, and then cut up all cards and close all accounts so that you are never tempted to get yourself into this mess again. Only pay cash for things, and if you don't have the cash for it, do NOT buy it. The only necessities are food and shelter. Everything else will come when you can afford it.

Good luck.


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