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Premiers' time is up

By unknown | Jul 16, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

We hold no brief for premiers Ebrahim Rasool and Nosimo Balindlela.

We hold no brief for premiers Ebrahim Rasool and Nosimo Balindlela.

Under Balindlela's stewardship Eastern Cape continued to spiral down the ratings.

Current and former officials are allegedly riding on a gravy train of extortion, while most of the people are still stewing in poverty.

Rasool's Western Cape precinct is still two world's in one - the mega rich and grossly underprivileged and downtrodden.

Khayelitsha and Constantia are still as different as chalk and cheese.

It is because of the tragic state of the hungry in those provinces that we say let Rasool and Balindlela stew in their own juices.

This after the ANC national executive committee decreed over the weekend that the two premiers have to go.

Understandable. President Thabo Mbeki should have leapt to take this life-saving step long ago.

But it is not the job of the ANC to hire or fire premiers. They can either resign or be forced out by the legislature.

Thanks to an opposition which is gatvol with Balindlela and Rasool, they are about to get it in the neck.

The saga is a stark reminder that Mbeki is fully at the mercy of the ANC.

They must drink from same cup or the country could be plunged into a constitutional crisis.


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